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Raising funds for:

Over £850,000 raised for charity since the first challenge in 2013

How will the winning team be determined?

The winning team is the one that completes the greatest number of laps in the eight hours.  Each rider will be issued with a timing chip enabling you to see how many laps you and your team have completed.  

Is there a fixed lap strategy?

Each rider can do as many laps as they want and in any order before handing over to the next team member.  Handovers are in the pit lane and hence, just like F1, time can be lost in the process.

How difficult is the circuit?

The circuit is 3.9km, wide, smooth but undulating.    

How many riders in a team?

Each team has four riders. Experience suggests that this gives the optimal balance between track and recovery time. 

Are electric bikes permitted?

E-bikes are permitted but teams with one or more e-bike riders will not be eligible to win the event.

Is there a minimum fundraising commitment to take part?

Any fundraising commitment will be communicated to you by Missing People as part of their invitation to the event.